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eVisa Register - Electronic Travel Authorization

What is eVisa Register

Basic Information

eVisa Register is an online service offering professional assistance in obtaining online visas to around 50 different worldwide destinations, including Australia, India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and many more.

An eVisa will be the best solution for those looking for a more speedy way to get a travel visa before the incoming trip. By choosing this online alternative, one can forget about the need to visit an embassy or consulate. Instead, the entire visa application process can be completed online within minutes. Most often, eVisas enable visiting a country for purposes related to tourism, business, or transit.

It should take about a few days to process your eVisa application. The processing time may differ depending on the particular destination. The approved eVisa is delivered to the applicant via email.

Forget about booking an embassy appointment and apply for eVisa from the comfort of your home.

Chose your destination

Basic Information

Electronic Visa

How It Works

Electronic Visa

Choose one of the available eVisa destinations and make sure that your nationality is listed among eligible ones. Prepare your working electronic device, check the Internet connection, and gather all the necessary documents required for your dream destination.

Once you make sure you are eligible for eVisa, go to the application panel and follow three intuitive steps, including:

  • Fill out the eVisa application form Provide all necessary details, such as personal and passport data, contact details, and your purpose of travel; upload supporting documents (if applicable).
  • Cover the eVisa fee: Using one of the available methods of online payment, pay the processing fee, which may differ depending on the selected eVisa destination, type of visa, and, sometimes, your nationality.
  • Check your email inbox: After covering the service fee, make sure to go to your email address and check for the confirmation number.

The eVisa is sent to the email address as soon as approved. The processing time may take from a few hours to several business days and is determined by a few factors.

Do remember to provide all required documents and double-check provided details in the form to ensure quick approval of your eVisa application.

Requirements to apply for an eVisa

The requirements for an eVisa may differ depending on the travel destination. Nevertheless, every applicant should have the following:

  • A valid passport: The passport is a mandatory requirement for every applicant, no matter the nationality and the destination they plan to visit. In most cases, the passport must remain valid for at least 6 months after the date of intended entry to a given country.
  • Valid means of online payment: To successfully submit your eVisa application, you will need to have access to one of the available methods of online payment, e.g., credit/debit card, or PayPal.
  • An active email address: Another requirement for a successful application is having access to an email address – remember to provide its correct address to avoid unnecessary delays in receiving your visa confirmation.
  • A working electronic device: No application can be successful without access to any working electronic device with a stable Internet connection. Use your tablet, laptop, PC, or smartphone and submit your application from whatever place you are!
eVisa Online
eVisa service

Why Choose Our Services

Easy and Intuitive Online Application

Application for an eVisa will take only a couple of minutes, and it can be completed from the comfort of one’s home. There is no need to visit any embassy or consulate – neither to collect an approved eVisa nor to go through stressful interviews.

World-Class Data Security

Our applicants do not need to worry about their privacy as all their personal data is secured by the SSL certificate, while our system is constantly being updated to ensure safe and hassle-free application.

High Visa Approval Rate

We can pride ourselves on nearly 99% positively approved eVisa applications. Our team of visa experts revises all the applications received before they are sent further to the authorities of a country’s government. This way, we maximize the chances for their approval.

Professional Team of eVisa Experts

Our visa consultants are at the disposal of our customers 24/7. Contact us via email, phone, or contact form whenever you have some questions or doubts regarding your eVisa application process.

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